About Tribal Art Gallery

"The oral African tradition, limit for classical historiography, has permitted and stimulated the development of other ways of expression, among which ones, one fundamental: tribal art.

Talented, skilled and dexterous craftsmen - sculptors, smiths - have through their know-how represented life scenes, ancestors, divinities, allegories, symbols, - melting universe of mythical evocations with beliefs, dread with frighten, expressing sentiments, emotions, implications, with both tact and delicacy, with vigour and peculiar expressive power.

The discovery of the items sprung out from this Art has made the approach to an unknown, mystical, visionary world available to us, some times experienced very differently, though seducing, attaching, even passion related.

Some items and figures are certainly expressing a rather non reassuring aspect, yet it can not be denied that all of them reach to touch our feelings, awakening different and intense emotions by the item’s evocating tenderness, the signification of the represented scene or by its slender shape, with respect for proportions and care for details.

Different patinas, due to general conditions of use and place of preserve, added to life story and character, this as much for a simple every-day-life item as for a sacred item, or to the contrary, a rudimentary finish, approximate as if hardly achieved and a voluntarily non-respect of proportions provides the items with a nearly caricatured, disrespectful, in some ways grotesque expression.

Tribute to the couple of twin figures who still today shows signs of a daily motherly adoration, to the representation of the spouse of “the beyond” whose patina testify long past years evocative and invocative caresses, to the respect evoked by a mask having danced for the protection of a population, to the radiating beauty of the mask celebrating the most beautiful woman, to the crusted and terrifying patina representing the Spirit of the Forest, to the expressions of suffer gathered together in a mask or a figure whose vocation is to remove pain and illness, to the strength and dignity of an ancestor representation.

We cherish this art and the myths and (hist)stories that in a non-dissociated way are attached, both fruit and source of the items populating this art."


Objets inanimés, avez-vous donc une âme?
Alphonse de LAMARTINE


Our website does not have commercial exchange as its main vocation, though; our outmost wish is that our site could generate exchanges with impassioned amateurs, connoisseurs and collectors of African tribal art. As such, also in cases where exchange should concern potential acquirers, we stress that we remain open for any kind of inquiries, also commercial, concerning our collection.